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THE ARTIST: Cazzola Capodimonte

ORIGIN OF THE WORK: Florence ( 2002)

Capodimonte porcelain is the finest and most perfect gradeof Italian
artistic pottery and one of the most appreciatedhandicrafts for its
craftsmanship and detailed qualities.The name "Capodimonte"
(Top of the hill) is mainly binded to the city of Naples and, particularly
to the kingdom of Charles III of Bourbon who, in 1743, built on the hill
near to the royal palace, just called Capodimonte, a factory to produce
porcelain that can reach the glory of the best European factories,
first of all the Meissen factory.
The production, firstly identified with the Bourbon lily then,
under Ferdinand IV with the famous crowned N, ends near 1820
Part of the models and of the moulds is achieved by Doccia
(now Richard-Ginori) while the remains is lost.
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