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THE ARTIST: Sacchetti

ORIGIN OF THE WORK: Florence 2001

CREAZIONI ORAFE SACCHETTI has been designing and producing silver
articles for collectors from its Arezzo factory since 1977. All items are in
925 silver and are the work of highly skilled craftsmen.The company has
made a name for itself over the years both in Italy and abroad. The extremely
high quality and finish of the work, down to the smallest details and particulary
is astounding.The workmanship is masterly and much appreciated by a wide
clientele.The company's owner himself works periodically with specialised
model makers to propose new articles to offer to the market.
The mini-sculptures in silver are small masterpieces of Arezzo craftsmanship.
They are emellished with accessories in good-quality wood, in glass, enamel
and other materials.It is these particulars which distinguish the products of
CREAZIONI ORAFE SACCHETTI and make them true collector's items
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