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THE ARTIST: Oberammergau, Germany

ORIGIN OF THE WORK: U.S.A (Internet 2004)

4 vintage "Dentist and Patient" handpainted and handcarved Wood
Carvings made in Oberammergau, Germany.
They are comical German Dentist and "poor" patient characters done in a
satirical ( sick?) humor! The dentist standing alone ( 6 1/4" tall) is
holding bloody plyers and a bloody extracted tooth. Written in German
on the front is, "Dentist".
The "pitiful" patient with the swollen check and polka-dot hanky tied
around his face is 6 1/4" tall and has "Patient" lightly stamped on the
front of his stand and "handgeschnitet Oberammergau" on the bottom.
The other Patient holding his bloody extracted tooth is 6 1/4" tall and
simply has "Befrelt" written on the front of his stand. The dentist
extracting a tooth from the poor hapless patient stands 6" tall by 4 3/4"
wide and has "hand carved" Oberammergau and a label that reads
"Passion 1970, Bergmann Schnitzerei, Oberammergauer" on the bottom.
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